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Kreid's News

Posted by Kreid - October 6th, 2012

Now that Oddball is out of the way, I'm updating my University blog with information about the development, if anyone's interested, you can see the first post about the pre-production work here

I've also just done an entry about the Crusaders animation I'm working on, which you can find here

And finally, I did a summary of my first three drawing classes this year at Uni:
http://kreids-clayos.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/back -to-drawingclass.html

I'll likely be updating more over the weekend, so check out my entire blog for much more!

That's all for now!
Teaser pic, I'm working on a 100 pose challenge, I'm currently a quarter through it, here's some examples.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks a bunch for the daily feature, weekly 3rd and review crew pick. I love the support I get from you lot!

Blog updates: Oddball pre-production + crusaders

Posted by Kreid - September 29th, 2012

First up, I owe out a lot of thanks. A lot of people have helped me out with Oddball over its development, so thanks to everyone who contributed, auditioned, voted, reviewed and all round supported the animation!

In the reviews I've noticed a few people asking if there'll be more. The show is going to run for 8 chapters, and some side episodes too, like this one but at the moment, my hands are full, so they may be a while.

I've got three big projects at once that take priority at the moment, these are:

Uni work: Royal Armouries
For my first project this year at University, Jack, Will and I pitched an animation to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. If our idea is chosen, we have until Christmas to create an animation to be showed in the museum.

Solrac: The animated series
I'm aware that MLP isn't everyone's cup of tea, but after creating Crusaders, a test video, I've been asked by Solrac to work with him on an animated series. The first episode is set to premiere at a convention, so that takes priority due to a deadline.

The third and final priority project is a commission for a radio show, I'm not sure how much information I can give out at the moment, but due to this work being paid, that again takes priority. You can find information on my commissions on my Deviant Art


Also, I release episodes of Oddball on YouTube individually before releasing them on bulk on Newgrounds, if you want to see them first, click this link!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me get my first Daily Feature, and I hope you look forward to more work from me!
- KrEid

Oddball summary and upcoming work

Posted by Kreid - September 22nd, 2012

Damn, the realisation that I have so much work on the go at once is starting to affect me, so I think I need a small break just to clear my head, here's everything that I currently have on my plate:

Oddball omnibus:
I've still to fix continuity errors in Oddball 1-3 and I'm awaiting the re-recordings from Redi's new voice actress, this should hopefully hit Newgrounds pretty soon as I really want to get back on there.

Oddball: Barrels:
This one's currently on hold, I was producing it with two other animators, but figured that with the amount of refining I was asking for, it would be quicker to actually make it myself. I'm not sure just yet when this one will be out.

Oddball: Chapter 4:
I'm hoping to have this one out by Christmas, it's about 2 minutes long in my head and explains the Timekeepers a little more, as well as setting up the next story arc.
Animation sample

New series:
You may have seen the many pics I've spammed DA with of a new drawing style, I'm considering starting a new side series of shorts as an antidote to working on Oddball nonstop in one art style, there's not much besides character designs yet, this is likely to hit in 2013

University project - Royal Armouries:
Now that I'm back at University, we've started our first projects for the year, I'm a character animation in a team with MrCurlyPanda and Vallhemn, you can see a sample of that here:
We're making and pitching an animation to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, if we're chosen the animation may be displayed in the Armouries.

Solrac: The Animated Series:
I'm teaming up with Solrac to make an animated series, I'm not sure how much I should go into it right now, but here's some art tests

A while back I made an animated clip of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (MLP) and it got a lot of love, so I'm slowly going to be making that too, it's going to be quite a while to make though, so sorry for the wait to all you brony folk.

All of this will keep me pretty busy, but now that I'm back at Uni I could really do with help money wise, commisison info is on my Deviant Art, and I will also draw you for $5 on Fiverr

That's all for now, hope you look forward to the stuff when it eventually hits the web!

Also dogs

List of upcoming stuff

Posted by Kreid - September 20th, 2012

Because broke student

Also, have a new character1

Will draw for $5

Posted by Kreid - September 14th, 2012

The first story arc is now concluded!
The three parter will hit NG as soon as I tidy up the older episodes for continuity!

Posted by Kreid - September 13th, 2012

Posted by Kreid - September 7th, 2012

Been waiting for a front page post on Newgrounds, so unfortunately there's only two days left for auditions, but I thought I'd try my luck anyway:

So to get straight to the point, I'm recasting my main character in my animated series, Oddball. You can find examples of it here on my NG and Youtube

The reason I'm recasting is because the current voice actress is just a friend with no experience otherwise, and I'm looking for someone who is a little more experienced to take over for when the more dramatic/action packed episodes start, at the moment it's all back story and she's said very few lines.

I've created a voice acting hub over on my Deviant Art with more information about the character, you can find that here

I'll also copy and paste the information into this thread:

Short/Long Term: Long (Main character)
Race: Human
Age: Multiple, 5,12,20
Gender: Female
Nationality: British

The main character in my Oddball series.
Abandoned at an orphanage as a baby, Redi has a synical look on life and a negative attitude towards people and society. Her social awkwardness has earned her the nickname "Oddball"
She can also have a happy and spontaneously random side when life treats here well, but for the most part the is synical.
She has the ability to change age when with her Timekeeper partner, Antique.

I'm looking for someone more experienced for this role who is able to match the accent of the previous actress. The new voice actor must be able to handle more dramatic scenes and fighting sounds.
Singing ability would be useful, but not essential.

5 years old:
"Lemme go! You big bully!"
"Now forwards, REEEAL FAST!"
Shouting "I DON'T WANNA"
Curious/bugging "Where do babies come from?"

12 years old:
"Whoa, who the hell are you?"
Stunned "Whoa..."
Annoyed "That's SERIOUSLY your spooky story? That's the biggest heap of rubbish I ever heard"

20 years old:
Annoyed/Shout "EVERY time we get money, you go and blow it on junk!"
Panic "Oh crap, what do we do, what do we do!?!"
"Shut up. Just. For 5 minutes. Shut. Up."
Puzzled "Ummm, what's going on now?"

Accent reference: Fable 2 sister:

Auditions close 9/9/12, I know that's only a week, but I'm hoping to use the new voice for the next episode that comes out 15/9/12.

Please send auditions to kr3id@clayos.co.uk by then, thanks!

And now for no reason, here's two clips I animated:
Shut up
Famine suggests

Recasting Redi: Female voice needed

Posted by Kreid - September 2nd, 2012

Posted by Kreid - September 1st, 2012

http://kreids-clayos.deviantart.com/art/Voice-ac ting-hub-Auditions-closed-304234276
Cast announced here, still deciding on the judge.
If you auditioned and want feedback, please let me know

Posted by Kreid - August 30th, 2012

Well, to make up for a pretty dead holiday from me as far as releases go, it's all about to pay off video wise, so here's what's coming up!

Odd3 is now animated. I have a few tiny bits to tweak, but as soon as they're done, it's onto sound, well in time for the 15/8/12 release date. I'm unsure when the full 3 parter will hit NG just yet, there's some stuff in the earlier chapters I want to go back over to help continuity and such, but it should hopefully be no more than a week later!

Odd4 is written and ready to start, I'll be announcing the voice actors very soon, hopefully this one won't take too long to animate as I'll be back at University, so hellooooooo all nighters!

And I've just started an animatic for the next side episode, not much to say at the moment as it's only about 90 seconds long, but it's about barrels and has a joke that relates back to 80s and 90s animation. Hopefully it should be entertaining!

Also, bit of a risk posting this, but I made a little side project, which you can find here. I was experimenting with some different animation styles so I can mention it this year at university. It got some good feedback and a lot of people want the full video, so I'm making that on the side now too!
I think I'm gonna try some more side projects trying to emulate other shows too, I learned a lot just from that one, as it's totally different to how I normally animate.

That's the news in summary anyway, four new films on the way soon, hopefully it'll make up for a pretty dry holiday from me!


Wall o' stuff hitting soon!