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Oddball summary and upcoming work

2012-09-29 09:11:21 by Kreid

First up, I owe out a lot of thanks. A lot of people have helped me out with Oddball over its development, so thanks to everyone who contributed, auditioned, voted, reviewed and all round supported the animation!

In the reviews I've noticed a few people asking if there'll be more. The show is going to run for 8 chapters, and some side episodes too, like this one but at the moment, my hands are full, so they may be a while.

I've got three big projects at once that take priority at the moment, these are:

Uni work: Royal Armouries
For my first project this year at University, Jack, Will and I pitched an animation to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. If our idea is chosen, we have until Christmas to create an animation to be showed in the museum.

Solrac: The animated series
I'm aware that MLP isn't everyone's cup of tea, but after creating Crusaders, a test video, I've been asked by Solrac to work with him on an animated series. The first episode is set to premiere at a convention, so that takes priority due to a deadline.

The third and final priority project is a commission for a radio show, I'm not sure how much information I can give out at the moment, but due to this work being paid, that again takes priority. You can find information on my commissions on my Deviant Art


Also, I release episodes of Oddball on YouTube individually before releasing them on bulk on Newgrounds, if you want to see them first, click this link!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me get my first Daily Feature, and I hope you look forward to more work from me!
- KrEid

Oddball summary and upcoming work


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2012-09-29 09:38:39

Good luck with all your stuff!

Kreid responds:



2012-09-29 10:40:37

Woah,that is a load,you should really take a break first if you are really push yourself to do all that.Take your time and if you are in a hurry,start on the most important one first.I am sure that everyone can wait for your series and that you will not disappoint with the next parts.Good luck and remember that your health is more important than your work.

Kreid responds:

Oh I know, I can work a lot, I'm just explaining that I have some vids that take priority, in case people think I disappear


2012-09-29 16:01:37

well, looks like you don't need my confidence speeches anymore, so good luck with future projects.
Stay gold ponyboy.

Kreid responds:

PONYBOY!?! haha
Seriously, thanks for the encouragement over the years (wow, years)


2012-09-29 19:00:32

You really blew my mind with your latest Oddball Installment. I can't wait to see how you'll improve even more.

Kreid responds:



2012-09-29 20:13:55

the "stay gold ponyboy" was a phrase said in outsiders.
you haven't read the book or watched the movie?
ho fuck dude you need to go delve into that shit fast.

greasers vs socs holy crabs!


2012-10-04 09:25:33

Whoops I should've read this post before I pm'ed. Anywho I'm excited to see the next episode! Will be in touch to donate, and maybe request an animated commission once your workload lightens up. Stay cool! ^^d