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Kreid's News

Posted by Kreid - August 28th, 2012

Should hopefully have the video all done by Sunday, then I'm onto audio and tweaks until launch date

First scene complete

Posted by Kreid - August 22nd, 2012

Buggered up with the pointy annotations, but here's something I threw together today:

Posted by Kreid - August 12th, 2012

So I just posted an audition FLA to my DevArt for anyone who wants to help make the side episodes of Oddball and thought I'd link to it here
(I don't make money off these and I'm a broke student, work is voluntary)

Pretty inactive week work wise, been staying with a friend so not a whole load of work done, mainly just rough work.
I have aounr 8% of the animation work to do now and then it's onto polishing backgrounds and working on the sound.
Release date too! Hopefully all should go nice and smooth!
One month today and I'm moving back out to Uni, so prepare for a lot more work!

Animator hunt

Posted by Kreid - August 10th, 2012

Posted by Kreid - August 4th, 2012

Wellp, this is the last post about voice auditions for a while, the last characters for Oddball 4 can be found here so be sure to send your auditions in by the start of September!

Odd3 is nearly "finished" a couple more seconds to animate and then it's onto tidying up!
Whatever time remains once it's done will be split between adding bits to chapter 3 and starting chapter 4.
Speaking of which, I storyboarded that today! The work never ends!

Anyways, I move back to University in just over a month, I'll be back to powerhousing through my work then, this is probably going to be the last Oddball 3 related post now as I've been doing them weekly. Hopefully people are looking forward to it as well as the future ones!

Also, the NG version of chapters 1-3 is looking to clock at 8 minutes. TOPICAL!

Final voice auditions and progress

Posted by Kreid - July 28th, 2012

This post has quite a few different parts to it, I'll start with the obligatory Oddball 3 progress:

The animation is around 83% now.
When I say animation, I literally just mean the animation, the characters and such. I still have to do the backgrounds, as they're only about 40% done in total. I've also got to do post editing, as well as putting the sound together.
So far, I'm looking at mid September release, sorry this has been such a long wait, but the 3 parter should FINALLY be hitting Newgrounds soon!

So a little back I was asking for musicians for Oddball. I've gone along with Jsudekum here on Newgrounds
I got the first passes in for some of the Oddball 3 soundtrack, and you people are in for a treat~
Not going to spoil anything yet, but there's an example of his work on his profile, the work he's made really brings out the style I'm going for~

With the number of characters I'm introducing early on in Oddball I've been posting quite a few roles, there's currently some open, which you can check out here
So far I'm getting some pretty neat names involved as well as some people I've been working with for a while! You can check out the full cast list in the earlier link!

This is probably the biggie.
In my second year of Uni, I'm going to be focusing a lot more on working with other people. The main series of Oddball is taking a lot of time for me to animate, which is why I'm gonna be looking for other people to work with on the side episodes. Stuff like Cameraocular, but shorter. To keep the style consistent, it'll mainly be inbetweening work.
If anyone's interested in collaborating, message me with a sample of your work. There will be a side episode popping up pretty soon, I've already chosen the side animator for that, but if this one goes well, I'm certainly up for more collaborative work~

This is just something small, but I recently uploaded tutorials on how to draw Redi and Antique, and decided to open an art contest using those, the winner gets to be the first person to see Oddball 3. There's more info on my DA.

And I think that's all for this post!
Have another Redi picture.

Rather large update!

Posted by Kreid - July 25th, 2012

Just as a little side project I've started a set of tutorials showing how to draw my characters and explaining my art style.
You can find the full Redi tutorial here.
Let me know which character to do next!

Drawing tutorials

Posted by Kreid - July 20th, 2012

That time again! Oddball 4 has a script ready, so I can start after chapter 3 is done.
Follow this link for the new auditions!
Also, around 75% there on chapter 3!

Posted by Kreid - July 18th, 2012

LINK! (he come to town!)

Posted by Kreid - July 15th, 2012

Hey folks, thanks to everyone who sent in samples for the musician place for Oddball, I've found someone now who I think will fit pretty well, sorry to everyone else who offered.
Also, I'll be opening auditions for Oddball 4 soon, still a month of so til' 3 comes out, but I've got the first draft of the next chapter ready, as well as the character designs.
Will make a front page post when I have more info!

Musician found