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Kreid's News

Posted by Kreid - July 3rd, 2009

Well I need a single line sending to me,
Needs to be in a fairly posh and fairly emotionless voice, preferably British but there's no fuss if it isn't.
If any of you have played Half-Life 2, it's similar to the combine female voice you hear in the background

Anyway heres the line
"Citizens, you are suspected for the destruction of Castleview and the murder of the king, please surrender yourselves immediately"

Send your samples to kr3id@clayos.co.uk
Preferably female but if your'e a guy and want to give it a go too, I have no objections.
Thanks :)
- KrEid

Posted by Kreid - June 25th, 2009

I need a female voice actor for the part of "Boh" in my new animation.
It's really important because this is all thats preventing it from being released.
Please email your examples to kr3id@clayos.co.uk

Female voice actor needed

Posted by Kreid - June 2nd, 2009

Ok so my film Homework Dash (my best scoring yet :D) won the competition it was entered into :D
Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the awards ceremony to find out which position it won :D
Thanks to all my friends and family for putting up with me going on and on about progress in the film and thanks especially to Hazel for helping with the ideas and delevopment of the film, and for being pure out awesome :D

Thanks to the viewers too
- KrEid

Whoa, I won

Posted by Kreid - June 2nd, 2009

So i've nearly finished my new film, but I want to add bonus features and was wondering what people would like to see in them, I was going to do concept art and an interactive map, is there anything else anyone thinks I should have?
- KrEid

Fragment Bonus Features

Posted by Kreid - March 17th, 2009

A new set of toons, new series, new clayos!

Ok so this is the March - April update for clayos.
So first thing first, new toon
Move to the moon- A film I did for my art work. The film had to use a variety of different media, so I had to shove a lot of photos in the FLA file. This means that the file was HUGE (10.4mb) and the limit for Newgrounds is 10mb, so unfortunately, the film is a <a>www.clayos.co.uk<a> exclusive. Go to the All Toons to find it.

Upcoming Films

Homework Dash - A film I'm making for a flash competition. The film has to be under 60 seconds long and has to be complated by May 1st, so the release date will be May 2nd at the latest.

Fragment 1 - The first episode of Fragment is now roughly 2 and a half minutes long. I havent added to it for a while because college work and competitions take priority. Once Homework Dash is out of the way the production of Fragment will continue. The further episodes probably wont be as delayed because i'll have all the models and scenes created and will be used to them by the time episode 1 is released. There is only a few problems with the production so far, mainly being the voice actors joining and quitting. Voice actors, this is your chance! I still need a number of voice actors for the characters. I have a few already but the more the better.

And I think thats it for this months update, so be sure to keep an eye out for new films!

- KrEid

Posted by Kreid - January 30th, 2009

So the site is now back up :D which means i get to do yet another revamp :P
probably gunna take a while cos im lazay :D

Clayos is back up :D

Posted by Kreid - January 25th, 2009

Te FTP wont connect to my clayos website. Ill try and get this solved ASAP guys.
In the meantime, some news:
Fragment 1 (my 20th film) will be delayed as im making an animation for my artwork too, which takes priority.

Posted by Kreid - December 17th, 2008

Ok so the first episode of my new series is coming along well. I've decided that the series will be named "Fragment" because it is in a large number of short (5-19 min) clips that all piece together to make a continuing storyline. I still can't give a final release date for the first episode, as i'm still seeking out voice actors, but I will post updates when I find out more. To see the characters from Fragment in a film, watch my 2008 Christmas special :D
There will also be more updates on Clayos

Okay thats it :P

New series update

Posted by Kreid - November 6th, 2008


Fixed it :P
Still got a few things do upload but i got the home, flash and clayos pages on now :)
Spread the word :D

Posted by Kreid - November 4th, 2008

After not being able to update my site for a year, i think im close to fixing it :P Look out for the NEW www.clayos.co.uk coming soon.