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Blog updates: Oddball pre-production + crusaders

2012-10-06 11:25:01 by Kreid

Now that Oddball is out of the way, I'm updating my University blog with information about the development, if anyone's interested, you can see the first post about the pre-production work here

I've also just done an entry about the Crusaders animation I'm working on, which you can find here

And finally, I did a summary of my first three drawing classes this year at Uni:
http://kreids-clayos.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/back -to-drawingclass.html

I'll likely be updating more over the weekend, so check out my entire blog for much more!

That's all for now!
Teaser pic, I'm working on a 100 pose challenge, I'm currently a quarter through it, here's some examples.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks a bunch for the daily feature, weekly 3rd and review crew pick. I love the support I get from you lot!

Blog updates: Oddball pre-production + crusaders


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2012-10-06 15:31:19

For some reason, the character designs here remind me of Powerpuff Girls.

Kreid responds:

Yup, I bring that up in a new blog entry:
uk/2012/10/back-to-drawingclass.h tml


2012-10-06 15:43:57

soup from a coffee cup.
the plot already begins to thicken.

Kreid responds:



2012-10-06 16:10:16

Saw this on your DA and it's coming along very nicely. The design changed quite a bit from the start and is looking great. :)

Kreid responds:

Aye, I think I'm gonna be refining over and over til 2013 when it starts