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Purdy drawing style

I'm sorry but was there any need in any of this? All it felt like was a 5 minute exposure to "hey, it's that guy! You like that, so why not like this!" It truly just felt like we were having references shoved down our throats to blind us from the fact that there's a terrible story and no original humour to it. I know it could be regarded as "internet humour" but this just feels like the wrong way to go about a series.

Right, serious review time here, first and biggest issue would be the pacing. After a few watches, I realised you were probably trying to time it with the music track, but some shots seemed to hold for an uncomfortable amount of time, an example being the wide shot of Blue in front of the tree, it sort of ruins the flow to the story, especially a simple one like this which could be over in 30 seconds, rather than 50.
Other peeve of mine would be the differences in style, I know you're still experimenting with this style, so there's bound to be flaws, but the focus from the drawing style seems a lot more aimed towards the backgrounds than Blue himself, the backgrounds have a solid looking feel to them, while Blue (see the first shot) seems very stringy and loose, especially for a robot character.

And now for the good points, I think you introduced the AI idea well, although it makes it look as if Blue is in control of it, and outside of this video you've mentioned it more as an involuntary thing, making it look like Blue just has a short temper. I'd suggest looking up Zeurel's character "Spoiler" who is a split personality robot for reference to help develop the character further.
Also, I really liked the timing on the missile, I've noticed you seem to animate simple things a lot better, such as your stickman jump, where you put more focus into the physics, but when it comes to the actua detailed stuff, you seem to worry too much about the drawing, and the animation doesn't look as fluid, maybe make sure you're fully familiar with how Blue works by doing a few test clips like runs, jumps, interactions, etc. Also a character sheet for the 100% final design would be a good idea!

Anyway, been trying this review too long, just thought I'd give my pointers seeing as I've seen you develop this idea!

Vallhemn responds:

Aye, its been muchly helpful dude. I did think I was leaving the shots on for a tad too long, but I didn't know whether it was just because I'd seen it so many times. Lol. Thanks for the pointers as well, definitely gunna help finish off my animation style I think. :)

I don't get it

Twisted4000 responds:

He had a fake wedding set up, and she thought she was getting married but it was a trick.


Movie clips sure are awesome...

Now then, my turn! First up, hater's gonna hate with the colours, there's a pretty big variety in our class as far as that goes, but in this it did its job. Only thing I noticed after watching it for review is that the white light at the end (which was a nice touch) made the last shot a lot lighter than the rest of the animation. One thing I notice in your backgrounds is that you manage to pull off depth a lot better than I do, I've said to you a fair number of times that your blur effects really add a certain charm to the backgrounds somehow. As for the length, I know this was done for a contest rather than a paid gig, so there's a difference, and the winning one was pretty long if I remember. Although the opening shot could have been trimmed down a bit, it seems like we panned through a fair bit of forest before we got anywhere. I agree with the rabbit hopping, that it should be more FBF, or at least add some bounce to his ears, but again, I know what our time limit was like.
Pretty cool concept too compared to the standard ideas people were coming up with, my favourite bit would be the wiggling rabbit flying off into the sky at the very end.
Anyways, that's all I've got at the moment, I wasn't setting to counter or go with anyone else's reviews, I was just saying my side of it since I was in the same class :P
Good to see your stuff on Newgrounds man!

Ok, so the first thing that really has an impact is the poor sound quality, not just in the voice acting, but in the credits. If you haven't already, you can fix this in the publish settings, makes your sound much better, but can't compensate for poor voices. Also, the levels were a bit off, Goku was fairly hard to hear. On the topic of quality, the backgrounds went pretty crazy when you zoomed in for bigger shots, they're not really the toughest backgrounds in the world so if you redrew them as vectors in Flash, you could zoom in and out to your hearts content without losing quality :)
Now for the animation, this was REALLY a mix for me, you had some good starting points with Vegeta's opening speech, but Cel punching was just a tween by the looks of it, and Vegeta flying backwards was pretty crude. I'm not going to complain about your drawing, it seems like you had the characters down pretty well on the most part, the mouths are a little off to me though.
And finally, the joke! It's pretty true and the writing wasn't all /that/ bad, just the execution could have been better. I know it looks like I'm just bashing every aspect of your film here but I'm really just trying to be constructive so you know what to look at in the next one.
Anyways, with that I think I'm done! Keep what I said in mind and I shall await more!
- K

Oh hey, bro. I know you love dicks, you tell me online how you're super passionate about them, but this has to stop. Why you gotta do this to me Frosty? Drawing a dick in a lovely playpark? On a ride? You want kids to ride on your...
Look, your cruel addiction has to stop bro, now you know I love ya, and I'm only giving you 5 stars because you paid me, but please, think of the children! (In a non sexual manner next time)

In all seriousness though man, animations getting nice, some pretty use of colours and the joke was really appreciated! I love the bug at the beginning, small touch but man it's purdy!
The sound peaks a bit when it zooms in to the obstacles, aside from that, not much wrong with it!
Seems like you've gotta take the same step as I have next, which is to stop just going from point A to B with your inbetweens and to make the whole thing one constant fluid motion. Aside from that, it's good to see you on front page, and I'll await more!
Now, I'll take my money over paypal if that's cool?

FrostDrive responds:

I'll transfer 50 dollas to your account once I'm done responding.
I'm going to put as many penises as I want in my animations though, I don't have to give a fucking fuck what your damn mouth has to say. ACTUALLY, in my next cartoon now, I'm gonna put a plethora of penises. I'm gonna put them receding into the horizon, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it boy.


Death by mau mau

Outstanding quality animation as always Zeurel, but throughout the whole thing I could only compare it to the mau mau sketch from League of Gentlemen, which is essentially the exact same joke.


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