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Kreid's News

Posted by Kreid - March 10th, 2010

Ok so my site, www.clayos.co.uk is now completely remade! Finishing touches from today were made on the comic page, the chronicles of Matthew Holliday, which I'll be picking up again after over a years absence, check it out :D
You can now also contact me from the site either by email or formspring if you don't wanna use your email details.

Hmmm what else...

Oh! There are two pieces of fan art that I can't remember who sent them in, so if you could claim them whoever did them, then it would help a lot!

You can also get your link featured on my site, see the links page for more info.

Aaand finally, I may be adding a podcast to the site,so any comments about this, please add!

That's all for now!

- KrEid

Clayos site completed!

Posted by Kreid - February 13th, 2010


POW! Part 1 is out now, part 2 to follow up soon!

Posted by Kreid - February 4th, 2010

Well, with Flintlock Episode 1 nearing completion I have a choice and need to know people's opinions on something

Should I:

A) Release the first half as soon as it's finished, then the second half a few days later

B) Wait til they're both done and then release them together

Explanations of your choice would be lovely as it will help me weigh the choice!A

A matter of life and death (well, not really)

Posted by Kreid - January 25th, 2010

Yeah, after the work in the Flintlock sketchbook (http://kreids-clayos.deviantart.com/a rt/Flintlock-Sketchbook-147266079) the style has changed significantly since the halloween prologue, tell me your opinions! good change? bad change? improvements?
Also, he's not usually that colour, it's the lighting in the dark hallway

And he's no longer one angled!

Ep 1 should arrive to NG soon guys!

The evolution of Julian Specter

Posted by Kreid - January 5th, 2010

Ok, so the style in Flintlock has changed quite a bit (You can thiank this for it (http://kreids-clayos.deviantart.com/a rt/Flintlock-Sketchbook-147266079)

Does anyone have any huge angry protests against some changes in the animation style to the Prologue episode? I wanna go for a more dark theme to it.
See the picture below, there's a redraw of Julian that I've done in the first episode recently.

Comments would help a lot!

Style change

Posted by Kreid - December 26th, 2009

Time to tell you all about 2010.
2010 follows 2009
10 comes after 9!
Can't say I never give you all important life lessons...

Ohh right, my submission PLANS for 2010? Well...

a) Flintlock - Episode 1 has started, I hope to get you at least 3 episodes in 2010, more if I have enough spare time on my hands, 3 minimum hopefully. Holy pies! I have animal crackers! Top that!

b) Unnamed comic project - Ok, so to make up for the epic phail that was my "advent calendar" (the shortest god damn advent calendar ever, I would have took it STRAIGHT back for a full refund, but hey, my minds scattering, back to the topic...) I shall hopefully bring you a few editions of an online comic! It's still to be completely planned out, but I'll keep you updated on that.

c) A whole load of dark creepy shizz - Ok so those who either have a huge fault in their brains of who haven't been following me will need to be.. hold on a sec... YES! LEFTOVER XMAS TURKEY FOR THE WIN!... Ok, where was I, oh yeah, you SHOULD know that my work's changed from hippy happy laadee-daa to creepy sickly dum-dee-dummm, so expect some drawings for this.

d) The story of.... something... - Yesh, I also want to get you some written stuff next year, still to be planned.

e) Animation 10 - Remember animation 09? Where I won with Homework Dash and got a swish new laptop? Well I've entered next year too! Let's hope I can be just as successful :P

f) Getting off my ass and earning moneys - Need I explain?

Anything else you want to say about 2010, please write in the comments, in blood would be great, but I guess typing is acceptable, you boring lot -_-

Now that the excitement is over...

Posted by Kreid - December 26th, 2009

I'm quite attached to it already ^^,
Any tips for drawing with it?

Graphics tablets

Posted by Kreid - December 10th, 2009

Check it out here > http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Brand new voices!

Posted by Kreid - December 10th, 2009

Well, I may start putting more art up on Newgrounds instead of it being exclusive to Deviant Art

Bring on the art

Posted by Kreid - November 30th, 2009