Entry #171

The End!

2016-03-16 14:17:28 by Kreid

I helped animate the finale for Eddsworld, I really appreciate the opportunity and hope you all enjoy it!



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2016-03-17 08:12:18

Are all the animators retiring from animation after all that? Great job btw I follow your work quietly and have become a fantastic artist. Also cut your hair

Kreid responds:

I'll be retiring from doing Eddsworld work after this one, and thanks!
Also I do need to cut my hair oops.


2016-03-18 21:28:17

Well Its a shame edd is ending but it had a great run... Though i guess I got to go and re-watch a bunch now because i got caught of guard that it was ending and i saw the animation was much smoother then some of the really old ones i remembered...

At the very least i had enough knowledge of the lore of edds to know the ending. Why tom as no eyes. he did at one point thought.


2017-02-19 20:56:28

I would love to work with you. Check your private messages