Entry #164

Plans for future works

2013-10-02 16:28:55 by Kreid

Made a few decisions about the stuff I'm working on

TL/DR: Shelving Oddball so I can work on Uni stuff and make films with other people.


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2013-10-02 17:13:15

Sorry to hear that... Oddball was an enjoyable series.


2013-10-02 20:05:23

We won't notice


2013-10-02 20:18:31

Good luck with you new projects, hope you get around to finishing up the oddball story someday as well.


2013-10-03 05:39:00

You're not the first and last to have to shelf things to perfect other art forms. This requires congratulations really, so congratulations!

Kreid responds:

Thanks man, didn't want to do it but it's been a year or so since the last chapter, and I really just want to try different stuff before I'm stuck in that hole forever. Thanks for your help!


2013-10-03 07:01:37

Sacrificing good things to achieve greater things is hard to do, good luck with the new endeavors!

Kreid responds:

:) Thanks


2013-10-03 10:01:42

Good luck on your projects, man. Hope you tear down your obstacles like a wreaking ball.

Kreid responds:

That thing you did. That was hilarous.


2013-10-03 20:19:26

cangratz on 800 fans.
i look forward to anything you have to offer.

Kreid responds:

Oh snap! That's a thing!


2013-10-04 12:56:17

Dude, much much respect for the courage it took to make this decision. You'll be better and continue growing, I'm sure of it. Best of luck and can't wait to see your future work. :)

Kreid responds:

Thanks, I'm happy people have been so accepting of things so far!


2013-10-04 17:12:17

I'm sad to see Oddball go, but I can sympathize with wanting to better/refine your work as a whole. Best of luck man.

Kreid responds:

Yeah, it took a fair amount of time to come to the final decision, but in the long run it should be for the best!