Entry #161

Writing more Oddball this week! (+ new project)

2013-07-15 16:55:28 by Kreid

Meeting with TDK1987 this week to write the rest of the Oddball chapters!
Not sure when I'll be animating them though, got a pretty big project in the works!

Writing more Oddball this week! (+ new project)


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2013-07-15 17:39:04

Wooo!!! More Oddball :D WOOOOO!!! EDDSWORLD XD Good stuff! I look forward to it :D


2013-07-15 18:22:45

*sniff* Edd.........


2013-07-15 18:53:24

I wish you and TDK the best of luck!

Kreid responds:

Cheers dude! Will keep you in the loop!


2013-07-15 20:01:13

Checked out that Deviant Art page, can't wait to see what comes of this. Very nice work.

Kreid responds:

Thankya kindly~


2013-07-15 21:50:46

check that shit out


2013-07-15 21:51:55

check that shit out


2013-07-16 05:26:37

I approve of this.


2013-07-22 20:18:19

<3 I love the image. Watched the entire eddswolrd series :'D
And that's great news! Sorry if my comment was rather late... let's just say I'm a tad bit slow. I hope you guys are having fun writing!

Kreid responds:

Thanks! Tom and Eddie did a great job with the script and I'm working on the animatic now, hope people look forward to seeing things!