Entry #157

New voice roles + blog stuff

2013-02-24 09:42:20 by Kreid

Finally started casting for my next Uni project, you can find all the info for voice acting here (more roles to come!)

And now for this week's blog entries!
[Vampire Pixel] Week 1 summary
[Vampire Pixel] Week 2 summary
[Drawing] Light, textures and form
[Drawing] Back to life... drawing
[Personal] Crusaders casting ad
[Animation] Safety Dance
[Drawing] Digital painting test
1000 subscribers
[Vampire Pixel] Script outline complete

Finally, some arts:

New voice roles + blog stuff


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2013-02-24 12:40:56

I'll be sure to send in my auditions


2013-02-24 13:49:29

Audition sent! :3


2013-02-24 22:27:52

Sent my Vextor, Labman on the way.


2013-03-05 09:28:53

Bwoop! I sent over my audition. Talking cats (especially grumpy ones) are awesome XD