Entry #156

New character auditions begin Tuesday

2013-02-16 14:20:51 by Kreid

Auditions and info on my next University project begins on Tuesday, I'll be updating and featuring the voice acting hub on my main Deviant Art page, so keep an eye out! I'm thinking of running the auditions for the first three weeks of my three month production schedule, and I'll need the voices in preferably by week 5.
More info and a complete schedule plan will be posted at a later date.
Until then, here's an image for you to make some guesses from, have fun!

New character auditions begin Tuesday


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2013-02-16 15:41:32

Count me in.


2013-02-17 16:39:20

I'll try out for this


2013-02-17 18:10:43

I'd be willing to join seeing as how I can fit it in my schedule.


2013-02-17 21:18:40

I'm all over this.


2013-02-17 21:18:41

I'm all over this.


2013-02-17 23:48:45

I shall most certainly be trying out for this.


2013-02-18 11:46:31

Hell yeah! This is why I started my account here on NG. How does this work?