Entry #155

Important news regarding releases/Oddball

2013-02-04 21:07:17 by Kreid

Sup folks, I started University again today and got our brief and such.
I'm just going to get straight to the point here, my next video for University is going to be ridiculously ambitious, to the point where Oddball and all my other work (aside from commissions) is going to have to go on hold. I just thought I'd give a heads up now before I vanish from the internet for a few months. Hopefully you'll all stick with me through this time while you wait for more stuff!
Barrels is due to release soon, this may be the last Oddball for some time.

Important news regarding releases/Oddball


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2013-02-04 23:07:44

Still can't wait for the next Oddball, good luck on everything.


2013-02-05 01:32:19

Do what you gotta do, man. We'll be ready for more Oddball whenever it's time.


2013-02-05 08:00:18

Your news is understandable, but the dialog box in your picture isn't!!! Don't these guys get paid NOT to screw things up? Running on Windows doesn't help either.... Hope all else runs smoothly!


2013-02-05 10:20:42

Try Macromedia Flash 8!

Kreid responds:

I miss those days, I really do.


2013-02-06 07:09:35

Well, I'd at least take it as reason to run around in the nude screaming.

(Updated ) Kreid responds:

You don't do that anyway when animating? You're missing out!