Entry #154

Pretty much reanimating Barrels

2013-01-25 20:25:03 by Kreid

Redoing even more of the animation on Barrels as it's outdated. Also Jill is doing a new set of recordings for Redi, so I'm redoing those shots too. Apologies for the delays, but at this stage I'm pretty much rebuilding the animation! I'm also thinking of working on Chapter 3.5 on the side, and releasing whichever comes first, may mean more delay, but it'll mean 3.5 comes sooner. 'pinions?

Oh also, the deconstruction blog entry for this little snippet will be up tomorrow!

Previous deconstruction here (Tween hybrid animation style, pony warning)

There's also some new blog entries on character design, check them out!

Pretty much reanimating Barrels


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