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Newgrounds London 2013

2013-01-20 18:06:56 by Kreid

Got drunk, met people!
For my first Newgrounds meetup, it was such a fun time. I was originally invited a while back by TDK1987 and decided to pop along on the second day, where we stayed in Namco. Arriving there early, I stood showing my NG shirt until I met the first person, Ockeroid. It's a weird moment when you meet people who's work you're familiar with, but he's a good guy and we got chatting pretty easily. After some waiting the rest of the crew turned up and we set off into Namco. I got pretty damn drunk, and bought a fair few drinks around too. (I'm still finding damn receipts now!) I also met more people, including friends who have voice acted for my work, Tom Kerin and Eddie Bowley. They were great people to meet and it's good to have finally talked on non-work basis.
That was pretty much the rest of the night, just socializing, getting a tad too drunk and having a good time! In the end I decided to head off and somehow navigated my way through London while drunk with no map even easier than sober with directions. Figure that one out!
So yeah, it was great to meet people and here's hoping I can make it to the next one, where I'll stick to the Pepsi!

Newgrounds London 2013


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2013-01-20 18:13:17

What's all this bullshit about me being a good guy?! I dare you to say that to my face.

Kreid responds:



2013-01-20 19:04:16

Next time I bring a knife so I can shut that stop that mouth of your's from flapping!

Alternatively you could just not wear a NG t-shirt, thus rendering you invisible

Kreid responds:

Hitman time!


2013-01-20 21:38:38

I'm not in the picture. Me and Markus were almost two hours late. Sorryyyyy!

The reason was we made the movie, though. xC

Kreid responds:

That thing was great!


2013-01-21 16:13:35

Sounds like you had a good time.
Haha, imagine the looks you got while you going through London.

Kreid responds:

Oh god don't even...