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Oddball: Barrels delayed, info here!

2013-01-13 06:03:51 by Kreid

Wellp, Barrels isn't likely to hit in January for a few reasons, and here they are:

1) Commissions - Animation has pretty much become a full time job for me lately with the number of projects I have going, on a plus side for me, I've been commissioned for a series of animations for Nick Basile Radio, the first episode should be finishing up soon, but I'm unsure about the release date. The plus side of this is that I can finally start getting some money for myself to live on, the downside is that I don't have as much time to work on my own stuff, as the episodes are planned to be monthly, and I still have University work to do too.

2) Soundtrack - The soundtrack for Barrels was originally the same royalty free music that everyone seems to be using these days, but Jimmy Sudekum (http://jsudekum.newgrounds.com/audio/), who created the fantastic soundtrack for Oddball 3 has offered to work on the soundtrack for Barrels too, in my eyes it's worth the delay to have him work on the soundtrack!

3) Outdated animation - This video has been in the sidelines for a while, and because of this, some of the animation is extremely outdated in comparison to the newer shots, I want to try and make everything at a similar level by release.

So that's it, apologies for the delay and I'll keep you updated!

Oddball: Barrels delayed, info here!


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2013-01-13 07:16:58

While I am sad Barrels cannot come out sooner I am excited by original score and updated animation to make everything look consistently yeah! @_@ Also, animation jobs to be gotten is AWESOME!

Kreid responds:

Thanks, hopefully the delay won't be too big!


2013-01-13 16:54:09

I sit here with bated breath! Fine pieces of work always suffer the inevitable delay, but in the end, it's all worth it. And congrats on your commission work!


2013-01-14 00:18:24

Do as you must, gotta pay the bills, I feel for ya.


2013-01-14 05:45:50

You lucky lucky man. You get paid to sit around and draw. Granted, doing commissioned work is hard, seeing as how you've got both a deadline and a set level of quality, but I really think you can pull this off early and get "Barrels" and "Oddball" back up and running even better. Good luck in your studies, I'm trying to work out mine as well.