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Oddball 3.5-8 "poster" + release plans

2012-11-27 05:31:53 by Kreid

Wow, workload has got a bit hectic, but I should have videos to release soon! Here's a quick list of what you can expect within the next few months:

Oddball: Barrels
A side episode to get back into the animation style for Oddball.

Royal Armouries: Moustache Helmet
My first University animation of the year is coming to a close.

Nick Basile Radio
A commissioned project I'm working on at the moment should hopefully be done soon.

Solrac Ventures
More episodes of a project I'm working on with Solrac/Yaplap should be out in the coming months too!

Oddball 3.5
A plot filler episode for Oddball that will set up the second act of the story. I'm expecting the entirity of Oddball to end in 2014, at 8 chapters.

Oddball 3.5-8 "poster" + release plans


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2012-11-27 06:53:56

looks amazing :)


2012-11-27 06:53:56

looks amazing :)


2012-11-27 08:02:51

keep at it kreid, your rising in rank around here!


2012-11-27 14:02:22

2014? Man i think i am going to die while waiting D: Nah seriously now: keep up the good work. The Oddball Series is very inspiring and i think you will create an epic Ending for Chapter 8. BTW In my Opinion Oddball has the Potential for a full TV Show :D (I apologize for my Grammar)


2012-11-27 19:16:06

What VidGameDude said. Except I'd say 'you're' and use proper capitalization. n_n