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Weekly update -29/10/12

2012-10-29 14:34:22 by Kreid

Crap, I haven't blogged at all this week, luckily there's still stuff I can yammer on about outside of that!

I'm finally out of the creative block, so I can now list the animations I'm (back to) working on:
My stuff
Oddball: Barrels
I've been out of Oddball for a while, so I really need to work on a side episode to get used to the style again. My animation style has changed somewhat over the past month so I need to see how I can mix this in with my old techniques. I'm doing it on a side episode rather than cock up the fourth chapter.
"Vampire Pixel" promo
A promo for a new series I'm starting in 2013. Now that I've capped Oddball at eight episodes (canon) I'm thinking about the show that I'll work on after it's done. I'm wanting to get a promo out for now so people can think about it. You can also audition for the characters here
Other stuff/ commissions
Royal Armouries Project
This project is for University, it's still in the hands of the producer, but I'll be taking up my role as lead animator pretty soon so I'll be hard at work for that, deadline is around Christmas.
Solrac Ventures
I'm working on a show for Yaplap that he'll be premiering at Equestria LA on November 3rd.
Nick Basile Radio
I have commission information on my Deviant Art, and this is the current one I'm working on, you can find some shows on itunes Once Solrac is finished, this one takes priority as it's the only paid one out of these, and I'm a broke ass student.

As I said above, I'm pretty broke at the moment. I didn't just want to resort to asking for money to help fund my videos, so I've come up with something I wanna try out. I'm thinking of doing something similar to kickstarter, where you donate x amount and get a reward, like a cameo or billboard advertisement in an animation. I asked on Deviant Art and the idea seemed to go well, so I may have a trial soon to see how it goes. This way I'm not just outright asking for money, it's totally voluntary and I at least give something back.

Also, I'm back on Tumblr, if that's important. This time I'm focusing on just posting my art work, rather than reblogging tonnes of Pokemon gifs like my last account.

I think that's it for this week, so I'll leave you with the question of the week:
QOTW: What would you like to see next, Oddball or the Vampire Pixel promo?

Weekly update -29/10/12


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2012-10-29 15:13:22

Always good to keep busy!


2012-10-30 09:35:34

Didn't know you had a deviantart, oh goody ;)


2012-10-30 11:35:47

excellent kreid, keep at it!