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Weekly update -14/10/12 + new voice roles

2012-10-14 08:32:55 by Kreid

I'm thinking of summing up my blog entries each week on here, as well as posting any other news.
First up, the blog;


I left off last year at the drawing class post, if you missed that, it's here. I'll soon be updating with the next drawing class where we visited the Royal Armouries and did some observed sketches.

Background designs
This week I've been focusing on my new show I'm developing, now that the character designs are taking shape, I started working on the backgrounds, I've gone for a vibrant, neon style city to completely clash with my work on Oddball, you can read the post on that here.

The Kangaroo
Also, a while back, we had a REALLY crappy group project that was for a third year, I forgot to write a blog entry about that, but if you want to see possibly the worst graduate animation ever, click here for a lovely rant.

Character maps
Going back to the new ideas, I've created a set of "character maps" showing their interests and such, I did a quick writeup here and there's a run cycle test here

Uni work
Finally, there's the first part of my Armouries project written up here


I think I'm going to be opening auditions for the new trio pretty soon, I'm still deciding on three names that go well together at the moment, but I may just leave the name out of the character info for the time being. If you haven't already found the hub for my voice auditions, keep an eye on this link

I think that about sums up this week, hopefully people are ok with the new format, the blog is for University so I have to write about my progress, I figured why not keep people updated through that!

Talk to ya next week!

New voice roles can be found here

Weekly update -14/10/12 + new voice roles


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2012-10-14 13:43:49

It's all awesome and stylisticky, can't wait for it!