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Entry #159

2 new voice roles!

3/30/13 by Kreid
Updated 3/30/13

Hey all, my next project has two new voices going on the auditions page, they're not open for long, as the project has a tight deadline, so take a looksie now!
Also, I'm livestreaming progress every Thursday and Saturday - 7pm GMT - 2am (rough) GMT

2 new voice roles!


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Aaaand sent! :) Hope you enjoy it.

Sent it! Hope you like it. O_O;

Aaah, I keep missing the deadlines for these, hah, this time I'm shooting for Viking and I wont wait too long. :D

3/30/13 Kreid responds:


Expect an audition soon!

3/30/13 Kreid responds:

Sure thing!

I'm the kitty c:

3/30/13 Kreid responds:


Can i be on it?

3/30/13 Kreid responds:

Iunno, can you?



Sent! :)