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Entry #140

Blog updates: Oddball pre-production + crusaders

10/6/12 by Kreid
Updated 10/6/12

Now that Oddball is out of the way, I'm updating my University blog with information about the development, if anyone's interested, you can see the first post about the pre-production work here

I've also just done an entry about the Crusaders animation I'm working on, which you can find here

And finally, I did a summary of my first three drawing classes this year at Uni: -to-drawingclass.html

I'll likely be updating more over the weekend, so check out my entire blog for much more!

That's all for now!
Teaser pic, I'm working on a 100 pose challenge, I'm currently a quarter through it, here's some examples.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks a bunch for the daily feature, weekly 3rd and review crew pick. I love the support I get from you lot!

Blog updates: Oddball pre-production + crusaders


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Saw this on your DA and it's coming along very nicely. The design changed quite a bit from the start and is looking great. :)

10/6/12 Kreid responds:

Aye, I think I'm gonna be refining over and over til 2013 when it starts

soup from a coffee cup.
the plot already begins to thicken.

10/6/12 Kreid responds:


For some reason, the character designs here remind me of Powerpuff Girls.

10/6/12 Kreid responds:

Yup, I bring that up in a new blog entry:
uk/2012/10/back-to-drawingclass.h tml